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Easter Gifts

Easter Gifts

Easter gifts are always fun, but I am tried of getting a big basket full of candy for my child. When I buy her Easter gifts, I only get her a small amount of candy, but the rest of my family thinks it’s funny to get her more candy than any child could possibly eat. I worry about her becoming a sugar junky, and I worry about how the children of America seem to be getting heavier and heavier. My goal is to introduce her to healthy foods, and to let her know candy is OK, but it should be something you have once in a while, and something that should be eaten in small portions.

When I was a kid, my Easter gifts were very simple, and I was not loaded down with candy. Normally, my mother got my brother and me a small basket with a chocolate bunny and some other pieces of candy. The amount of candy was not overwhelming, and it often took us months to finish it simple because we didn’t eat a lot at a time. Along with that small basket, we also got something else like a new pair of shoes, dress clothes, or a kite as Easter gifts. We were happy.

Today, if you look in stores around this holiday, you will see enormous baskets meant to be Easter gifts. The amount of candy there is to give our child is astounding to me, and I can’t imagine why any parent would want to give their child ten pounds of candy. Some Easter gifts I see have more toys than anything, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem seems to be the size of the baskets. Why is it that everything seems to be getting bigger and bigger? Is bigger really better?

For my daughter, I made my own Easter gifts for her. I buy a small basket and I get a small chocolate bunny. I might get one or two small packets of candy, and then a few toys. That’s all she gets and that’s certainly all she needs. I usually get something like sidewalk chalk or bubbles. These are toys she can use outside. Last year, we also got her a kite to go along with the rest of her Easter gifts. The mounds of candy my family decided to give her immediately went into the cupboard. She had a little, and as soon as she forgot about it, it was thrown out.