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Edible Toilet Candy! *Unique Sweets Hacks and Gadgets for Foodies* 🍩

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This is a story of a girl who discovered a secret treasure chest locked with chocolate 🍫! The chest contains a lot of rare candies 🍬 and tools, and she even came up with a few hacks on how to enjoy the sweets. Watch and find out what’s in the chest!

Don’t forget to tune into our bonus episode for you who want to learn an easy, emergency makeup trick for a party 💄!

0:32 Dunk the candy to the closet / Toilet lollipop candy
1:06 Play the claw machine anytime anywhere / Candy grabber machine
1:34 Chocolate and candy bath / Bathtub baby doll
2:19 Extra large gummy size / Gummy bear
2:50 Keep your lollipop stored in a safe place / Lollipop robot holder
3:14 Kick those jelly beans! / Soccer bean machine
4:07 Melt and shape them / Hard candies
4:30 Tasty toothpaste / Tubble gum
5:01 Pour and put toppings on it / Lollipop gel candy
5:29 Randomly disperse candy for you / Candy slot machine
5:54 The perfect kind of sushi for dessert / Gummy sushi
6:40 Let’s just use the bottle / Soda
7:24 Lick the top of the head / Brain licker

8:24 Emergency makeup trick / Duct tape
8:54 Festive headpiece / Tinsel curtain

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