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Recipe: sisters of lourdes hospital ice cream with variations

Dish: sis of lourdes health center gelato with variants

Siblings of Lourdes Hospital Ice Cream with Variations
This dish is utilized by the Sisters of Lourdes Hospital, Paducah, Kentucky.

4 entire eggs
3 mugs granulated sugar
1 (13 ounce) can vaporized milk
3 pints half-and-half *
Vanilla essence

Beat with each other the above active ingredients. Include active ingredients noted under among the complying with variants:

Delicious chocolate
In the standard dish alternative 1 can Hershey?s ® syrup for 1 mug of sugar.

* Add just adequate compromise in the standard dish to fill up fridge freezer 2/3 complete. Freeze according to gelato manufacturer’s directions.

To the standard dish include 1/4 mug carefully cut maraschino cherries and also 2 tbsps cherry juice.

Include 2 tbsps immediate coffee powder to the standard dish as well as freeze.

Pepper mint
Crush 1/2 extra pound pepper mint sweet. Take in milk for 2 hrs as well as include in fundamental dish. Freeze.

Collapse 6 pralines right into fundamental dish and also freeze.

To the fundamental dish include 3 mashed, ripe bananas.

Delicious chocolate Chip
Partly freeze delicious chocolate gelato, after that include 1/2 mug carefully grated cooking delicious chocolate, delicious chocolate sweet bar or delicious chocolate chips.

To the fundamental dish include 6 or 7 carefully sliced (or placed in mixer) ripe peaches.

To the fundamental dish include 1 1/2 mugs strawberries. When this blend is partly iced up, include 1/2 mug carefully cut strawberries.